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Dear Shareholder,

On behalf of the entire team, first and foremost I would like to thank you for the continued trust you place in us.

In recent months, we have achieved major breakthroughs that reinforce our teams’ unrelenting commitment to make our Jazz® technological platform a standard of care in spine surgery.

Our regular sales growth in recent quarters is a result of the continued focus on the marketing of our Jazz technological platform. Our current trajectory is based on solid fundamentals: validated technology ensuring optimal correction, efficacy and safety for patients; a regular increase in the number of surgeons users; expansion of our Jazz platform enabling us to address a growing number of indications in spine surgery while reducing operating times and costs for health facilities; and, lastly, the strengthening of Jazz’s intellectual protection with the recent issue of a United States patent, providing us with solid protection in a market that places a strong emphasis on intellectual property rights.

Since the launch of Jazz, we have acquired over 10% market share in France in the major deformity surgery segment, notably in adolescent scoliosis. These highly-technical operations have validated the value and usefulness of our technology at the highest level: optimal correction, efficacy and safety, shorter operating times, less blood loss and lower procedural costs for health facilities.

This development has been driven by our rapid and progressive commercial success, notably in the United States where efforts devoted to structuring our senior management team and sales force have generated positive initial results. Driven by the adoption of our technology in some of the most prestigious hospitals, we intend to address the adult degenerative bone disorder market. Three times larger than the global adolescent deformity market, this segment is driven by the aging population, the growing prevalence of chronic back pain and the demands of numerous patients and surgeons for additional solutions.

Today we are in excellent position to continue our growth by focusing on the markets that the Company addresses directly, and in which it obtains the best results: the United States and France.

We are proud to be able to count on you to accompany our growth, and thus enable people with severe spine problems to benefit from our medical innovations.

Best regards,

Ludovic Lastennet
Chief Executive Officer
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